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About propusher

Propusher is a web-based tool designed specifically for coaches and sport specialists (physiotherapists, personal trainers and others) to create workout programs customised to their clients' specific needs and goals. These programs are then accessible to clients through a mobile app, allowing them to easily follow step-by-step instructions. The seamless integration between the web tool and mobile app ensures effective communication and accountability between coaches and clients, ultimately leading to improved performance and results. Propusher empowers both coaches and clients in achieving their full potential.

How it works

App for workouts

Workout calendar synced with coach.

Individualised workouts.

Free workout templates.

Web site to create workouts

3D animation tool and exercise library.

Manage workouts on clients calendar.

Create workouts & training programs.

3D animations tool

Propusher offers unique possibility to create your own exercise library with unlimited amount of 3D animations. You can download them from our constantly growing library of over 800 exercises already, you then can customize them by adding different items (bands, dumbbells, boxes and others), or change speeds of movement, or you can even create your own 3D animations from scratches. This way you will keep your exercise library up to date and and you will always have the best chose of 3D animation while building workouts. Not only does this benefit you, but it also makes it much simpler for your clients to grasp the technique of each exercise and enjoy variety of different movements. By having access to a wide range of exercises and the ability to modify them as needed, you can provide personalized and effective workouts that fits to the specific needs and goals of your clients.


Propusher was created by Sigitas Kavaliauskas strength and conditioning coach to make remote training more productive and more attractive for his clients. At the same time making it more creative and more open for the coach to build programs.

What Clients Say

Ričardas Reimaris

Strength and conditioning coach (Nymburk CZ)

"Propusher is a great tool that enhances the connection between athlete and coach. And detailed workout plans helps my clients to improve their full body performance during remote workouts."

Edita Kavaliauskienė

Personal trainer (Female Online Workout)

"I have been working as a personal trainer for a long time, and the propusher has provided me with the opportunity to train clients online. I am amazed by how quickly I can modify exercises by using propusher. And I dont need to waste time filming exercises. What's even better is that my clients also love the program. The 3D animation feature allows them to view the exercises from various angles, which enhances their understanding and execution of the movemnet. I highly recommend all trainers to give propusher a try. It has truly revolutionized the way I train and engage with my clients."

Justinas Grainys

Strength and conditioning coach (BC Žalgiris)

"In my opinion propusher is one of the best sports/training application! I am using it with pro athletes in our daily routines and also with private, non professional, clients. I could not imagine my long term planning during the off-season without propusher."

Endo Balahu

Consultant of General Administration of Sports of China

"Propusher overcomes the blind spot of remote instruction and arrangement of physical trainings. App users can achieve the training plans and their respective purposes clearly. With 3D view, users are able to observe the motions from different angles, which leads to more accurate training results."

Edgaras Ulanovas

Professional basketball player (BC Žalgiris)

"Workouts with propusher helped me to reach my training goals set along side with my coach. It is great that propusher app is well suited to use in weight room, and without any special equipment."

Mam Jaiteh

Professional basketball player (AS Moanco)

"Propusher is a very good app that allow me to workout by myself in the closest conditions than if I was in live with a strength coach. Having a representation of every exercises is really what make propusher so special to me. "

Petr Cornelie

Professional basketball player (AS Monaco)

"Propusher is a great app, especially when working with a new strength and conditioning coach or doing some new exercises. Since the 3D visual models allows to fully understand the exercises. It works well and it’s precise."

Sonny Weems

Professional basketball player (Guangdong)

"Every athlete should use propusher app to get online workouts from their personal trainers."

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